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220 V Air Cooler For Building Materials Store

220 V Air Cooler For Building Materials Store

  • High Light

    220V Air Cooler


    Building Materials Store R404a Air Cooler


    3P Cold Room Air Cooler

  • Condition
    New, New
  • Operating Voltage
    380/400 VAC
  • Product Name
    Air Cooler
  • Function
    Air Conditioner Terminal Unit
  • Application
  • Keywords
    Evaporative Cooler
  • Voltage
  • Power Source
    Electric Power
  • Applicable Industry
    Hotel, Food And Beverage Factory
  • Ventilation
  • Place of Origin
    Shandong, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    Other, CE
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 Unit/Units
  • Price
    $200.00 - $1,000.00 / Units
  • Packaging Details
    Dd type price of air conditioning industrial evaporator for frozen fish cold room by plywood box with pallet
  • Supply Ability
    300 Set/Sets per Month evaporative air cooler

220 V Air Cooler For Building Materials Store

220 V Air Cooler For Building Materials Store


Air cooler introduction

Air cooler is abbreviated as air cooler. It uses air as a coolant and can be used as a cooler or a condenser. The air cooler is mainly composed of tube bundles, brackets and fans. The hot fluid of the air cooler flows in the tube, and the air blows through the tube bundle. Because the amount of ventilation required for heat exchange is large and the wind pressure is not high, axial fans are often used (see fluid conveying machinery).


The type and material of the tube bundle have a great influence on the performance of the air cooler. Because the heat transfer coefficient of the air side is very small, fins are often added outside the tube to increase the heat transfer area and fluid turbulence, and reduce thermal resistance. Most air coolers use radial fins. Air coolers usually use light tubes with an outer diameter of 25mm, low-fin tubes with a fin height of 12.5mm, and high-fin tubes with a fin height of 16mm. The fins are generally made of materials with high thermal conductivity (the most commonly used is aluminum), wound or inlaid on the light pipe. In order to strengthen the heat transfer effect of the air cooler, water can be sprayed in the inlet air for humidification. This not only reduces the air temperature, but also increases the heat transfer coefficient. The use of air coolers can save a lot of industrial water, reduce environmental pollution and reduce infrastructure costs. Especially in water-scarce areas, replacing water-cooling with air-cooling can alleviate the contradiction of water shortage.



Model Compressor Model Cooling Capacity(W) Condenser Fan QTY Input(KW) Overall size(mm)
XJQ02MAG-E ZB15KQE 3080 1 1.82 1020*420&*1240
XJQ03MAG-E ZB21KQE 4680 1 2.51 1020*420&*1240
XJQ04MAG-E ZB29KQE 6360 1 3.33 1020*420&*1240
XJQ05MAG-E ZB.38KQE 8020 2 4.2 1020*420&*1240
XJQ06MAG-E ZB45KQE 9380 2 4.75 1020*420&*1240
XJQ07MAG-E ZB48KQE 10200 2 5.23 1020*420&*1240
XJQ08MBG-E ZB58KQE 12400 1 6.32 967*825*1025
XJQ09MBG-E ZB66KQE 14000 1 7.05 967*825*1025
XJQ10MBG-E ZB76KQE 16600 1 8.22 967*825*1025
XJQ13MBG-E ZB95KQE 20300 2 10.6 1354*825*1025
XJQ15MBG-E ZB114KQE 24000 2 12.65 1354*825*1025
Power:380V/3P/50HZ Refrigerant: R404A Cold room temperature:-15~5℃


220 V Air Cooler For Building Materials Store 0


Air (wind) coolers are mainly used for mobile machinery (excavators, loaders, forklifts, cranes, combine harvesters, road construction machinery, construction machinery, etc.), and use air cooling to force the working medium to cool to the required temperature.


1. Made of steel plate, surface coating, corrosion resistance.
2. Has a beatuiful appearance
3. Has excellent heat exchange effect
4. Water frost to ensure quick defrosting